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About Me

I've been in Beijing since I was 16. I came from a village town, where most people are conservative and satisfied with their status quo. The route I have taken is unconventional. I stepped out of the village town and choose to make a better living in Beijing. I took a job in the retail store initially. In this job, I gained many opportunities to interact with foreigners. Constant communication with them makes me want to see if I can do something foreign related to improve my earning status. 

While working at the same time, I also study tourism. In 2003, I successfully obtained travel guide's license and became a contributor to inbound traveling industry.

My Experiences

I love the Imperial Palace in particular. One of my client once commented that "Michelle's description of the layout of the Imperial Palace was so detailed that it was as if he were enumerating the heirlooms of his own family". Yeah, I can indeed give you detailed account on the Imperial Palace and other point of interest in China. 
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Reliable Pioneer Professional China Expert History

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Hi, I'm Michelle! Contact me if you want to know more about me or if you have anything you want to inquire from me. I'll reply you within one business day.

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