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Having been a tour guide in Beijing for nine years, April has accumulated massive experience of conducting immersive trips for various kinds of clients. In most of the reviews given to her, people mention that she’s a responsible and patient guide. She’s especially experienced in leading family tours. Her style of leading tours is a funny kind, and she often makes people. Her specialty is Chinese culture, history, and religion. Choose her as your guide to navigating Beijing - the capital with grandeur and in-depth Chinese culture to learn more about the city.

My Experiences

I’m particularly into this vocation as a tour guide since being a guide is just like being a culture carrier- every time I have clients I have a chance to explain my culture, religion, fengshui to foreign travelers and let them know more about China.

My clients commented me as highly reliable since I can always think around the clients’ perspective and make plans for them in advance. All of my clients had a unforgettable and smooth trip in Beijing. 
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