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Yi Yuan was born and grown up in a village in Hunan province. Before 18, she witnessed the changes in Chinese culture, economy, and politics before and after China’s “Reform and Open” policy. After 18, she moved to Beijing. Again as an observer, she has seen the ever-accelerating changes in Beijing. Serving a guide for 13 years, Yi is experienced in to unfold the unknown secrets in Beijing to travelers. She has a deep understanding of Beijing’s culture, history, humanities, cuisines and has her appreciation. More importantly, she has her take in the policies, urbanization, education, healthcare reforms in China. If you want to gain a more macro picture of Beijing, even in China, take Yi’s trips!

My Experiences

I was born in a village in Hunan province. During the travel, I love to share my stories in the village, which is very different from the metropolitan life. I will let you know about the pastoral part of China and also tell you stories about the idyllic part of China. 
I'm warm and sensitive and I have two kids myself, thus I can take care of children's need well. Many visitors who travel with their family all give me 5-star comment. If you take kids when you travel and want a responsible guide to take care of him/her, I'm the one to go to.
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Easy-going Reliable Cheerful Family Friendly China Expert

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