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About Me

I am from the Northeast part of China. My hometown is conservative—most people spend their entire lives in the town where they were born and raised. However, as a free spirit, I went to Beijing and became a tour guide. I have always had a great passion for travel, which is why I became a guide. I spend most of my earnings on travel, and I am always planning my next trip. I especially love to travel to Tibet and Nepal, as these places brings me an in-depth sense of serenity. When I am in the Himalayas, I can feel the mountains attachment to the region’s ancient religion and culture. I, myself, have started to practice Tibetan Buddhism, and have tried to live my life according to its customs and traditions.

I love children a lot. When I have spare income, I seek every opportunity to help those who are in need. Many travelers who travel with kids say I am fantastic because of my ability to entertain their kids and integrate naturally into any family.

My Experiences

My expertise lies in my studies and practice of Buddhism, especially Tibetan Buddhism. If you go to Lama Temple with me, I will give you a tour that most guides cannot hope to provide about the deep religious, historical, cultural significance of everything we will see. I can also take walking tours on the Great Wall— and specialize in making trips to the wall family-friendly and really interesting to people of all ages.
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Tibetan Buddism practitioner considerate warm Child King energetic 

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