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About Me

I’m Andy. I graduated with an English major for my bachelor’s degree. As I studied Western culture, philosophy, and literature, I realized that it was all meaningless unless I actually interacted with Western people and learned their culture directly from them. This led me to become a tour guide and exchange my culture with people from other nations.

My Experiences

I love the travel industry and have always maintained a high level of professionalism. I’ve never been late over my career of 3000+ trips. I take care of my tourist group, and pay attention to every detail to make sure their trip goes smoothly, no matter if they have physical disabilities, have children who need constant care, or are easily affected by pollen and/or air pollution. I always have a pocket-list of solutions to various unexpected circumstances, and pride myself on ensuring that the tour can still go smoothly despite any challenges that may arise.

Most people who have reviewed me online say I am: considerate, well-rounded, decent, and warm. I am proud that I am liked and recommended by almost every visor that has joined my tour.
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My Impression

considerate well-rounded decent warm punctual professional

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Language Competency Levels


These descriptions should reflect the level of competency of the working language of a guide.


-You understand simple phrases and can communicate only basic ideas. These basic ideas include: Greetings, yes, no, simple directions, telling the time. You can express yourself but only to a certain point. You are able to readand write with limited comprehension, and repeat yourself more than once.


-You are able to better express yourself and give clearer explanations and directions. You can read and understand most information and are able to read it back to the Traveler in a way that he or she can understand. You may have to repeat yourself more than once.


- You can write, read, and speak with very few errors. Communication is clear and you have excellent control over the language. You can translate fromyour language to the other quickly and you very rarely repeat yourself. You can express yourself and can talk about more abstract things; science, politics, philoophy, history, without any problems.


- You have native* control of the language. You articulate clearly and effectively, and you do not have to translate between your language and the other. You make few, if any, grammatical mistakes. Linguistic expression comes naturally and you have no problems working in that language.

* Native control means you speak as if you were a native speaker of that language; you have grown up with, been educated in, and spoken that language your entire life


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Hi, I'm Andy Zhao! Contact me if you want to know more about me or if you have anything you want to inquire from me. I'll reply you within one business day.

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