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About Me

I have been in the guide industry for 5 years. Prior to being a tour guide, I was a secretary at a large state-owned enterprise. In this job, I was exposed to a lot of foreigners and got to sit in business conferences that were conducted in many different languages. I translated for high-level executives from big corporations all over the world. When I became a private guide, this experience proved to be invaluable, and I have developed myself as an expert in leading tours for business executives who are passing through Shanghai. My professionalism and ability to cater to people in business (especially those on tight schedules!) have attracted more than 6000 travelers to choose me as their guide over the past 5 years. 

My Experiences

As a tour guide, I am particularly proud of my language skills; especially my ability to explain Chinese cultural themes that do not translate well in ways that foreigners can fully understand. When I explain things, I tend to merge history, myth, culture, and humanities together to provide a wholistic picture of China in both the past and present. Among the popular destinations in Shanghai, Yu Garden is my favorite. Though it’s hardly the biggest and most impressive garden in this region, it still manages to encompasses the best of everything that traditional China has to offer – greenery, Feng Shui, flowing water, and romantic views.

Other than Yu Garden, I am also good with historical trips, architectural trips and cultural trips. Come join my tour, and I promise my services won’t disappoint you. 
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* Native control means you speak as if you were a native speaker of that language; you have grown up with, been educated in, and spoken that language your entire life


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Hi, I'm Lily Zhai! Contact me if you want to know more about me or if you have anything you want to inquire from me. I'll reply you within one business day.

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