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I am Shanghainese. Having lived here for more than 34 years, I am familiar with each crack and corner of Shanghai, and can tell the history and story behind its many streets and styles. In college, I majored in also tourism and hospitality management, which provided me with the tools and expertise to join the rapidly growing tourism industry. Upon graduating, I first got a job as a concierge for the biggest hotel group globally. As I served more and more international guests, I realized that my true passion went beyond telling people where to go and what to do. I wanted to join them and show them something beyond the hotel lobby. I realized that I could combine my local knowledge with my mastery of the tourism industry to make sure that visitors have a fantastic time in my city. Over a decade has passed since then, and in that time I like to think that I have established myself as one of the top professional guides in Shanghai.

My Experiences

I am particularly good at leading tours about architecture, art, and history. These are my strengths as a guide, so if these match your interests then you will have an amazing time touring China with me. Architecture plays a huge roll in understanding Shanghai in each of its major historical eras. I can talk about the various architectural style, and relevant stories surrounding them, such as why buildings were built like this at the time, the methods they used to construct the buildings, and what the buildings say about that eras society, culture, and economy. Of course, we will also discuss the actual history of the buildings we see, including what the place was/is used for and its historical origins.
In addition, I have also immersed myself in Chinese religion, especially Zen Buddhism. Chinese temples, especially Buddhist temples, have so much detail and require so much cultural context to properly appreciate. Being a guide for more than 10 years has provided me with the experience to understand how to explain concepts of Chinese culture and religion to foreigners in a way that they can really get the most out of their experience. I can also cater my tours further to match my clients’ specific country of origin, as well as their physical, emotional, and intellectual needs during their travel.
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Hi, I'm Annie! Contact me if you want to know more about me or if you have anything you want to inquire from me. I'll reply you within one business day.

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