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About Me

I’m obsessed with China. I love its rich, continuous history, friendly and optimistic people, and deeply embedded culture. Watching the country develop over an amazingly short timespan is a particular fascination of mine, especially seeing how the sudden influx of money into the country has effected everything from the way people live their daily lives to society, politics, religion, and even ethics. I see part of China’s long, ongoing story no matter whether I am wandering through a thousand-year-old temple or a 3-month-old supermall. Every day in China is an adventure and I can’t wait to continue mine with you!

My Experiences

I’m not the kind of guide who dictates what you “must” or “must not” do while in Shanghai. I think every place you explore is part of the China experience. As a guide, I provide you with the necessary context to understand and take an interest in everything that is going on around you. The sights, sounds, smells, people, and buildings are all part of the experience of being in China, and I’m just there to explain it all as we go.

I was born and raised in Canada. I moved to Shanghai 3 years ago as an English teacher, but in reality it was because I wanted to learn more about China and the Chinese language and culture. After living in China for a while, I realized I wanted to commit myself to learning as much as I could about this wild country, and have strived to become an expert in all things China. My favorite moment as a tour guide is when I see my enthusiasm for China leak into the faces of my clients, which tells me that I’ve done my job well.

I am a huge fan of travel myself. I I have traveled to many wild and exotic places around the globe, including seeing the northern lights in Finland, trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru, walking through Atacama Desert, boating along the Amazon, exploring the wonders of India, enjoying paradise in French Polynesia, and diving in the Great Barrier Reef. These experiences are what I live for, and I feel like each new tour I lead is just another one of these adventures.
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responsiblefacetiouswarm-heartedfriendlygood at communication

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