Day Trip Outside Shanghai: A Full Day in Xitang

Theater walk · Shanghai

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Languages: Offered in English

What to Expect

  • Xitang Town

    There are about 122 small lanes in Xitang town, all of which were paved with stone slats. Walk through the long quiet lane with stained tall walls and experience the feeling of traveling through the town's long history in a Spatio-Temporal Tunnel.

  • Narrowest Alley

    See the Xitang’s Narrowest Alley. Actually, the narrowest alley is being honored by two major alleys. The first one is a bit narrow where only person has the ability to pass at a time and can be found at the so-called Li House. The second is Ca and can be found at the west side of Huanxiu Bridge.

  • Ancient Bridge

    Ancient Bridges are one of the highlights in Xitang. Their ancient bridges are remarkably amazing especially, those that have stories behind them. Wangxian Bridge was one of the famous among them.

  • Xue's House

    Visit Xue's house, which is a typical wooden building of the rich merchant of that region in the later Qing Dynasty.

  • The movie "Mission Impossible 3" was filmed here

    The movie "Mission Impossible 3" was filmed here in 2005. There are some unique boutiques and handcraft shops for you to browse around.

Important Information

  • Professional English speaking guide

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