Shanghai Old Town Walking Tour

Theater walk · Shanghai

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Languages: Offered in English

What to Expect

Professional English speaking tour guide

  • Yuyuan Garden

    We’ll start from the center of the old town, the Yuyuan Garden, that dates back to the Ming Dynasty. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by the exquisite view of traditional Chinese pavilions and sculpted gardens.

  • Jiu Qu Qiao Bridge

    In the neighborhood of Yuyuan Garden, you can visit the Jiu Qu Qiao Bridge,a famous zig-zagging bridge that leads to a pretty teahouse in the middle of a pond.

  • City God Temple

    Then we’ll walk to the City God Temple, also known as Chenghuangmiao, where plenty of local markets can be found. Since it’s a Taoist temple, you’ll also get a chance to learn about the different gods of Chinese Taoist beliefs.

  • OldTownLane

    After that, we can wander through Old Town’s lanes and alleys freely. These lanes and alleys, called Longtang, used to be the residence of many Shanghainese families and stand for an essential part of Shanghai’s history. Unfortunately, they are rapidly disappearing due to the development of the city.

  • Shanghainese breakfast.

    At the end of the tour, see all different kinds of breakfast food stands on the street and choose whatever you like to get a taste of authentic Shanghainese breakfast.

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