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Shanghai Rooftop Tour

Theater walk · Shanghai

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Languages: Offered in English

What to Expect

With me leading the way, we’ll hop from rooftop to rooftop through Shanghai’s city-center, stopping for some great views on the street-level along the way. I’ll tell you all about the various buildings and sights you’ll see from way up high, and highlight how insane the pace of development has been in Shanghai over the past 25 years. I strongly recommend this tour for photographers, as I can show you the best spots to set up your tripods for aperture and long-exposure shots of the cityscape. I’ll finish the tour by dropping you off at a delicious restaurant according to your tastes. If you like romantic city views and want to make all your friends jealous with your stunning pics of Shanghai, then come join me on my rooftop adventure.

  • The Bund

  • Oriental Pearl Tower

  • Xiaolongbao--Eat a tasty dinner according to your tastes

  • Take stunning photos of the Shanghai Skyline

Important Information

  • See Shanghai from Secret Rooftops
  • Walk the Streets of Shanghai’s city-center
  • Take stunning photos of the Shanghai Skyline
  • Eat a tasty dinner according to your tastes

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