Silk, Wealth, and Power Suzhou History Tour

Theater walk · Shanghai

  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Languages: Offered in English

What to Expect

  • Travel to Suzhou and back in time to the 12th Century

  • Visit the Master of the Nets Garden and learn about the “billionaires” of ancient China

  • Understand the works of the great scholars and artists who resided in Suzhou’s famous gardens

  • Eat lunch at a scenic spot overlooking Suzhou’s old city

  • Explore Tongli Water Town with its sprawling network of canals and ancient buildings

Important Information

  • While Shanghai is China’s biggest money-maker today, not too long ago its neighboring city, Suzhou, held that crown for nearly 1000 years. Suzhou has a long and complex history, but as an important center of silk production it became an economic powerhouse. The remnants of that economic and political might still remain in pristine condition today, and we will zip around the city to see as much as we can in a single day. We’ll pause our fast-paced tour for a relaxing lunch near Suzhou’s noble city wall before heading outside the city to Tongli Water Town, where we’ll get a sense of this regions pastoral life and enjoy the most beautiful, uncrowded water town in the area. As always, I’ll not only show you where to go but also fill your head with interesting stories and facts about this unique and fascinating part of the globe.

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