Explore Zhouzhuang, the water town

Theater walk · Zhouzhuang

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Languages: Offered in English

What to Expect

  • Explore Zhouzhuang, the water town

  • Explore Zhouzhuang, the water town

  • Explore Zhouzhuang, the water town

  • Watch Kung Opera

Important Information

  • This private tour offers the freedom and flexibility to explore the scenic water town at your own pace and leisure, while getting a genuine local experience. As one of the six great ancient towns in the southern reaches of the Yangtze River, Zhou Zhuang enjoys its reputation as "the first water town in China". It’s quaint and quintessential Asian style on the backdrop of snaking canals and cozy wooden townhouses have led some to call it “the Venice of China.” Zhou Zhuang may not have the scale or opulence of Venice, but it certainly is full of picture-perfect scenery and has immaculately preserved this region’s provincial lifestyle. Come explore it with me!
Tour code: 37

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