French Concession Tea Tour

Theater walk · Shanghai

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Languages: Offered in English

What to Expect

Tea lovers rejoice! In this Tea Tour, We’ll start by sampling the local variety of moon cakes, a famous Chinese treat that is traditionally eaten during the mid-autumn festival. I’ll tell you a bit about the holiday and the significance of these cakes as we walk around the French concession and nibble on our snacks. Finally, we’ll end up at a teahouse where you’ll get to experience a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. We’ll learn the etiquette of tea-drinking in China and try a selection of many different types of Tea. We’ll also discuss the various tea-growing regions of China and the different flavors they are famous for. It’s a tea-licious day for sure!

  • Go to a local shop famous for its Moon Cakes

  • Learn about the cultural significance of Moon Cakes

  • Stroll through the center of Shanghai’s old city and French Concession

  • Experience a traditional Chinese tea ceremony

  • Go to a Cantonese restaurant for some classic desserts

Important Information

  • -Local guide
  • -Afternoon tea/tea ceremony
  • -Desserts

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